AI/Cognitive Services

Cognitive Services can add, natural language communication, intelligence to your web experiences and web applications.

The experiences like text-based technologies, leveraging speech and vision works to close the gap between human and machine interaction allowing the organizations to scale sales and customer service efforts, enhancing the brand awareness and loyalty to gain insightful data available today.

Here are some examples of Cognitive Technology in Action:

AI Enhanced Search:
Add search capabilities involving smart filtering and intelligent suggestion based queries.

Banking operations can be carried out using AI chatbots as they are fully capable of handling complaints and grievances, ATM assistant, retrieving account related information and many other tasks.

Digital Assistant:
It provides a concierge-like experience that provides preferred content.

Image Recognition:
Recognize a variety of visual content and intelligently categorize its subject matter.

Decision Services:
Harness user feedback in real time that can help you present a multimedia experience including ranked shopping placement, related video content and recommended news articles.

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