Team Sourcing

Looking for Offshore Developers or Technology Partners? 

Since 2012, Profusion has been providing offshore developers, managed offshore teams, hybrid teams and product development to small to mid market clients.

With the ever-changing technology landscape and skills, Profusion enables clients to gain productivity and competitive edge in today’s marketplace.

If you are looking for offshore developers, not able to find local technical resources, or exploring options to scale up quickly without adding additional cost of on boarding resources, get in touch.

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Offshore Developers

  • Discovery meeting with our technical consultants
  • You screen top candidates
  • Onboard Candidates empowered with all the communication and development tools needed to become integral part of your team
  • While you onboard candidates, first month is on us!

Managed Offshore Team

  • All off the above
  • Have an offshore team lead to manage four or more offshore resources
  • Team lead streamline processes with your internal team and establish communication practices

Hybrid Team

  • All of the above
  • Have onshore resources including onshore team lead that manages offshore developers
  • Onshore resources streamline processes with your internal team and establish communication practices with internal resources and offshore

Full Service Product Development

  • Discovery meeting with our technical consultants
  • We provide you high-level estimates of time and resources
  • We build hybrid team of onshore and offshore resources to optimize cost and efficiency
  • We hit the ground running

Why You Should Consider Sourcing BPO?

A good sourcing service provider can help you grant access to various technology resources, practices and tools to run your operations smoothly. It enables best value sourcing and supports teams to make progress with a focus on delivering solutions. 

Sourcing consulting services requires a good deal of flexibility.

Profusion System is a leading provider of strategic sourcing services to various companies. We invest in our team and provide hybrid team approaches, and complete outsourcing services. Are you looking for a technology souring partner?

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