Product Development

We understand that innovation is a key to success and growth acceleration in many companies. We help companies bring ideas from inception to the marketplace.

Product Development or Product Management is a sequence of steps that include the conceptualization, design, development and marketing of newly built or newly re-branded services.

For many companies, the prime motive behind product development is acceleration in growth to improve, maintain and cultivate a company’s market share by offering products and services to attract customers. What is your motive?

Product development is very productive and its discipline demands a systematic approach to manage the process.

We offer varieties of services to companies:

Idea Analysis and Proof of Concept:

It includes a detailed evaluation of the product idea. It is observed if the idea is possible or it is within a relevant business context to the company. The idea can be extended to Proof of Concept to assess feasibility of the concept.

Concept Genesis:
It involves applying an identified product opportunity into a solid concept.

Product Development:
This secures the concept has passed and now is defined to make business value and sense.

Design Criteria Identification:
It involves brainstorming the possibility of new products and after the classification of an idea as a prospective product, a more formal product development strategy can be applied.

In this, a rapid prototype for a product is created that has been decided to have business value and relevance.

Product development is an always-evolving and fluid method, and just as some actions will vary, depending on the quality of the plan, so will the person who oversees product development. Regardless of what framework is being used, the new part is just one aspect of the entire product lifecycle management.

Profusion Systems helps companies bring ideas from inception to the marketplace using proven frameworks. Do you have a product idea that needs to be elevated from inception? Call us today!